A Quiet Afternoon At Katungkulan Beach

Formerly known as “Cavite de Boracay”, Katungkulan Beach is one of the Cavite’s most prized possessions. Located in Calumpang, Ternate, Cavite, the beach boasts of gray sand and clear (but not blue) water. It is a nice place to visit if you want to take a quick relaxing break, away from the bustle of the…… Continue reading A Quiet Afternoon At Katungkulan Beach

Reliving Childhood Memories On Ice

Living in a tropical country, it’s always exciting to take on unusual adventures as fun as ice skating. I have always wondered how it is like to experience snow for the first time. I remember being enrolled in a fifteen-session class in SM Southmall as a child. To be completely honest, I barely even remember…… Continue reading Reliving Childhood Memories On Ice

Surviving Mt. Pico De Loro On Our Own

As a Caviteña, I promised myself that I will find a way to explore all of Cavite’s attractions and tourist destinations. When I heard that Mt. Pico de Loro is about to close and undergo rehabilitation, I immediately planned our hike. I cannot afford to miss the chance to conquer this mountain in Ternate, Cavite.…… Continue reading Surviving Mt. Pico De Loro On Our Own

Hop Until You Drop At Trampoline Park

There’s no denying that I am a kid at heart. Aren’t we all? No matter how busy our schedules may get or how stressful our lives may have become, it is always a good idea to pause, relax, and enjoy for even a little while. Remembering how exciting and enjoyable it is to play as…… Continue reading Hop Until You Drop At Trampoline Park