Exploring Pangasinan

2018 was off to a good start for me. So far, I’m doing good. Aside from the fact that I am still having a hard time losing my extra pounds from last year, I can say that all has been well. First off, I have been traveling a lot with my family lately. This is…… Continue reading Exploring Pangasinan

Where To Stay In San Juan, La Union

We stayed in La Union for 3 nights and we decided to hop from one hostel to another to maximize our experience. We wish we could stay longer, but of course, our time and money would not permit us. Anyway, during our brief time in La Union, we stayed in Vessel Hostel, Flotsam and Jetsam…… Continue reading Where To Stay In San Juan, La Union

Where To Eat In San Juan, La Union

As you may know by now, San Juan, La Union is a haven for people who seek adventure and relaxation. Known for its large waves and chill ambience, San Juan has become a home for surfers and tourists alike. But of course, aside from its natural attractions, San Juan also boasts of its hole in…… Continue reading Where To Eat In San Juan, La Union

The Churches of La Union

Aside from the natural attractions and manmade tourist destinations, I really enjoyed visiting the historical and prominent churches of La Union. There is something beautiful about churches that make me very interested in history, architecture, and tradition. Anyway, here are some of the churches we visited while we were roaming around the province: St. William…… Continue reading The Churches of La Union