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CHELSEY DEANNE AGCOPRA is an aspiring visual artist and writer. She is fond of making travel plans and discovering new hobbies. Writing is her first love. She grew up reading fantasy books, comics, and magazines. Passionate about all things creative, she wants to learn as much as she can about art and literature. Her most prized possession is her growing collection of memories in the form of photos and videos. She aspires to live a life well-lived by pursuing her dreams and fulfilling her purpose. She dreams of leaving her day job and fully embracing the creative life someday. On her free time, she reads, binge watches her favorite films, series, and Youtube vlogs, and runs a mile or two.
On most days, she finds refuge in music and travel. She listens to a variety of artists from American pop to Filipino indie. She enjoys documenting her travels and spontaneous adventures. She also loves theater, staycations, flowers, everything Disney, cakes, cupcakes, journals, postcards, and party decorations among other things.
Outside her day job, she keeps herself busy by making lists, collecting pens and notepads, weaving flower crowns, writing features, organizing photos, joining fun runs, going on photowalks, documenting life, hoarding cutesy collectibles and merchandise, having chill conversations at coffee shops, and keeping up with pop culture.


Chelsey was twelve when she decided to keep an online journal and started blogging. Exploring various free blogging platforms such Tumblr, Livejournal and Blogger, she went by the usernames Chelseyunplugged, Chinkydaydreamer, and Chelsaurus (I know, I cringe every time I remember the cheesy usernames I used to come up with). Anyway, a couple of years later, she grew out of it and almost forgot her old blogs even existed.

She began to fall in love with places right before she finished college. She discovered her love for exploration and documenting moments. Since then, she decided to set foot on as many places as she can and take as many photos as she can. Throughout the years, she has been collecting photos; keeping them in her hard drive and posting some on her Instagram—telling herself she will keep things that way until she is finally ready to take on the challenge of putting up a blog again. Eventually, her photos grew larger in number each month and she finally decided it’s about time she works on the project she has been planning out since she started traveling around. And so, Chasing Chelsey was born.
She shares stories of her personal encounters and experiences, not guides. Although, she hopes that you find her posts helpful. She believes that choosing the places one wants to visit while traveling should depend on the person’s personal preferences and character. That is why every trip varies from the other. Setting a strict itinerary can put too much pressure on you and can somehow affect the mood of the journey. The most important thing is to immerse yourself in the adventure you have embarked on and let the experience help you find inner peace.
In this blog she calls her home, she shares all sorts of creative content that she can come up with. She is still in the process of learning new things and experimenting with her creativity. She strives to create something beautiful and inspirational out of her memory collection and life experiences. Her space is a collection of stories, poetry attempts, art experiments, and a whole bunch of photos from her random explorations.


From time to time. she posts bits of her travels on her Instagram, which she created simultaneously with the blog. Upon posting photos from her travels around the Philippines, she uses the formula: Hashtag (#) + Chasing + Province to keep track of her photos easily. The hashtag was originally supposed to be #ChasingChelseyThrough + the name of the province as she wants the hashtag to complement with her blog name. However, she changed her mind and decided to use the current formula instead to encourage her fellow explorers to use the hashtag for their own travel photos. It has become more than a personal preference. She hopes to start a community of people passionate about chasing local wonders.



As she plans to tick off every travel destination in the Philippines, she also dreams of conquering the countries outside her homeland. With this, she hopes to use the formula #Chasing + Country in her Instagram photos sometime soon.


In pursuit of her passions and dreams, she explores ways to make art, discover places, share stories, and inspire people. Chase Chelsey as she takes on her life’s adventures.
Artwork by Justin Remalante