Streets and Skyscrapers of Makati: A Photo Dump

In November 2016, I was employed in a company that is located in no other than the Philippines’ very own ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’. Although I have been to Makati a couple of times prior to my employment, being able to walk along its streets as the towering buildings lean over me made me appreciate the surroundings better. I admit that the experience awed me. Durig my first week, I kept looking up on my way to work and at one point, I made a mental note to bring my camera whenever I could. The following week, I went on a photowalk as I make my way to the office. One year later, I sort of outgrew the feeling but don’t get me wrong, I appreciate how clean and organized the area is. It’s just that I walk a little faster now and random musings occupy my mind most of the time so I haven’t had the time to look around anymore. (cue: The Schuyler Sisters)

From time to time, I still bring my camera and I go out during lunch break to stroll around and capture a few photos. Anyway, here are some photos I gathered throughout the year:








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