Relax, Reconnect, and Reflect At Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa

Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa is located inside Loreland Resort in Antipolo City, Rizal. Luljetta’s has a view of Laguna De Bay and Metro Manila skyline.


It is said to be the first and only hanging gardens spa in the country. It was named One of Antipolo’s Best Kept Secrets by ANC Cityscape. And I strongly agree!



It has multiple pools in which you can bask in. Luljetta’s main attractions are its hydrotherapy pools. However, the infinity pool offers the best view.

I enjoyed taking a dip in every pool. It was such a beautiful experience. I had view of landscapes which made me feel fully aware of the lush and blue surroundings.





I felt so relaxed and pampered during our stay! I felt connected to nature. The place is so serene, I was enjoying doing absolutely nothing. The ambience was calming and it helped me reflect. It drizzled for a while, too, which made everything better.


Let the place surprise you with how it can make your short stay comfortable with its lounges, huts, inspiring quotes, sauna, and, outdoor reclining seats.


There are multiple packages to choose from, but we opt for the Hanging Gardens Retreat (which was the cheapest option). It includes access to all pools and a complimentary snack. For the amount of Php 1,150, I believe the experience was beyond worth it.

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For quite some time, I just let the water wash away all my stress and negative aura.

I was not able to try out their spa services because we were in a tight schedule (we still got plans to visit Pinto Art Museum), but I am certain that would have been super relaxing! Anyway, we just made the most out of our experience by immersing ourselves in every beautiful spot and corner Luljetta’s has to offer.


Our trip to Luljetta’s was truly a scenic and relaxing getaway. The tranquility of the place helped me calmed my senses. You can see the view of Rizal’s€™ hills, the distant cityscape of Metro Manila, and Laguna de Bay from every part of Luljetta’s.

I even got to wear a batik robe and they gave us an abaca basket in which we can put our things while we swim and explore the area.


Best suman I’ve ever had in my life! This is a complimentary snack, by the way. IMO, the amount that we paid for is definitely worth it.


Going to Luljetta’s is also hassle-free. We just rode a van from Robinsons Forum in Mandaluyong and hired a tricycle from the city proper. The journey is less than an hour.


Here’s a photo of myself right before we leave for Pinto Art Museum. I felt so refreshed. I almost did not want to go back to the city. Should you decide to come by Antipolo, do yourself a favor and visit Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa. For reservations, you may visit their site at



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