My Ball Pit Manila Experience

When Ball Pit Manila opened to the public last March 2016, the hype was real. It is the first ever (and I think the only) adult ball pit in the country. My Instagram feed was full of faces submerged in a pool of white balls. I was dying to experience the ball pit for myself. I don’t know why it took me quite a while but after eight months, I finally got to see and experience Ball Pit Manila!

Take a good look at this ocean of balls:


I went with my brother on a Saturday afternoon. Although I personally think that the entrance fee is kinda pricey for an hour worth of picture taking in a pool of balls, we had so much fun and it’s worth the try.


Ball Pit Manila is a playground and a coffee shop rolled into one. There are comfortable mats where you can chill in case you get tired of swimming in the ball pit (but you probably won’t). They also have cards which we weren’t able to play because hello, one hour lang tayo dito??! To be completely honest, we would love to spend more time in Ball Pit Manila but I am not the kind who would spend another Php 300 for an extra hour or so.


Anyway, let me give you a quick tour inside the once white empty space on the second floor of Campos Rueda Building.


Don’t forget to wear cute socks!!!


We did not anticipate the heavy traffic that day. We arrived thirty minutes late! There was a Php 50.00 fee but it’s okay. We had the ball pit all to ourselves for a good five minutes. Of course, we took advantage of it and took lotsa photos.

More balls?




These balls are so pleasing to the eyes, it satisfies my soul. Ganon. Hahaha!



Finally, my very own Ball Pit Manila signature photos!


Literally drowning in here.


Yep. I just had to let myself sink.


All for that perfect Instagram shot.


Apparently, Ball Pit Manila is a hidden gem in the city.


More photos of the interior:


Cookie shot!!! Of course, Noy had to arrange this flat lay for his Instagram.



Who would’ve thought that a heaven filled with balls awaits behind this door?


 Lemme just say that even the hallway outside the unit is minimal af.


Of course, I had to take a photo with the fine white bricks in the background. Ang chaka ko.


All in all, we had a wonderful experience at Ball Pit Manila. Being in here reminds me of my childhood. Once in a while, it’s nice to pause and give ourselves some time to enjoy and relive our childlike happiness. I would love to be back someday, to experience everything all over again.


Ball Pit Manila is located at Campos Rueda Building, 101 Urban Ave, Makati, Metro Manila.

Entrance fee is Php 300.00 per hour.

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