Of Visions And Dreams

We all have aspirations in life. I couldn’t imagine living a life without any goal. We may or may not be serious about turning our dreams into reality, but it is very helpful to have something to hold on to during the times when we lack inspiration or feel like giving up. As for me, my goals motivate me to keep pushing. They remind me that there is always something bigger and beautiful waiting ahead of me, if only I strive a little harder.

Being a person of low self-esteem, there are countless times when I stop believing in my dreams. I’m not even sure if they are possible. My dreams are so big and wild that sometimes, I think to myself, “Maybe these dreams will only remain dreams forever.” But of course, how can you surrender your dreams when you haven’t even done anything to reach them first? You could at least try.

I have this habit of looking into my future and picturing myself living the life I have always wanted. I do it at night before I go to sleep. I close my eyes and I would see a better version of myself, with her dreams fulfilled and her life well-lived. While my short-term goals (such as learning illustration and calligraphy; learning to play at least one musical instrument; finding a new sport; enrolling in a baking class; knowing the technical aspects of photography and filmmaking; filling my bookshelf with my favorite titles; embracing visual arts; running a marathon; and finally finishing my adventure scrapbook) are somewhat possible to achieve, I cannot express how anxious I get  when I think about the probability that I will fail to pursue my ultimate life goals.

As you probably don’t know, I’m fond of making lists. I list everything down—from the things I need to buy down to the places I want to visit before I die. Anyway, I am thrilled to share with you my most favorite list of them all: the list of my dreams!

I am always on a high when I think about:

  • my dream Master’s Degree in Creative Writing which I will take up in my dream university, University of Sto. Tomas;
  • my dream house complete with a garden (where I will grill hotdogs and barbecue every time my friends and family would come over), a rooftop (where I will put up a tent and stargaze at night), a kitchen with an oven (so I can try and fail to bake cakes, brownies, crinkles, cupcakes, muffins, and cookies), a living room furnished with a comfortable sofa and a television set (where I will binge-watch my favorite series and films), a creative studio (where I will write and create beautiful things), a veranda (where I will read quietly), a bathroom with a tub (so I can enjoy my calming bubble bath a the end of the day), and a bedroom with an enormous fluffy bed (where I will munch on my midnight snacks before dozing off);
  • my dream business—a quaint and dainty coffee shop that serves the best coffee and comfort food in town;
  • my dream wedding at the oldest church in the country while wearing my cream white dress, preceded by the small yet artsy gatherings and parties (which I have already planned), and having all these moments captured and turned into wonderful photographs;
  • my dream travels—I plan to check all of Philippines’ eighty-one provinces off my to-go list before I turn 30, roam around Asia at my early 30s, wander around Europe before I reach 40, and have my photos taken at the most well-known attractions in the world for the rest of my life;
  • my dream book which I still have no idea what would be about, but it is every writer’s dream and it is one of my wildest ones;
  • and my dream charity foundation so I can give back to the people who need financial and emotional help, serve God, and fulfill my mission and purpose as a person.

This list gives me reasons to keep me going. My goals help me to stay focused. These dreams inspire me to double my effort in everything I do. And in time, with the help of my God who is a God of possibilities, these dreams will some day, one by one, turn into reality.

Then one night, I will close my eyes and see my past self, envisioning the life that I am currently living, I will smile, then whisper to myself, “I am so proud of you for making your dreams come true.

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